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if you tell me to jump then i'll die

so is this the price of love?

;last of the english roses
Kimberly. 18. Slovakia. loves. tv shows. music. indie. punk. guitars {james,alice,epi}. band(the passengers). books. chocolate. alcohol. beer. movies.

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tv shows
alias. alf. angel, ashes to ashes, battlestar galactica, blackpoool, black donnellys, bones, brothers & sisters, buffy, doctow who, farscape, frasier, friday night lights, friends, futurama, gilmore girls, gossip girl, greys anatomy, heroes, hidden palms, house md, lie to me, life on mars, lost, merlin, middleman, moonlight, prison break, private practice, pushing daisies, queer as folk, robin hood, secret diary of a call girl, skins, sex and the city, simpsons, skins, stargate atlantis, supernatural, torchwood, true blood, tru calling, two and a half men, veronica mars, x-files
999| Adicts| Arctic Monkeys| Babyshambles| Beatles| Blondie| Blood Red Shoes| Boys| Buzzcocks| Clash| Coldplay| Deep Purple| Die Toten Hosen| Dirty Pretty Things| Eric Clapton| Fialky| Filthy Youth| Flys| Franz Ferdinand| Green Day| Ht| Iggy Pop| Jimi Hendrix| Joe Strummer| John Frusciante| Kids| Libertines| Metallica| Nirvana| Oasis| Overground| Pete Doherty| Pink Floyd| Placebo| Polemic| Radiohead| Ramones| Red Hot Chili Peppers| Sex Pistols| Sham 69| Slobodna Europa| Smiths| Stranglers| Street Spirit| Undertones| Vibrators| White Lies| White Stripes| Yachts| Yobs| Zona A
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alias, angel, arctic monkeys, ashes to ashes, babyshambles, batman, battlestar galactica, bella/edward, beth/mick, billie piper, blackpool, blair/chuck, bones, bones/booth, books, booth/bones, brian molko, brian/justin, brit pop, brothers & sisters, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, bukowski, call girl, catherine tate, chuck/blair, coldplay, computer, dark knight, david tennant, desperate housewives, doctor who, doctor/rose, dr. horrible, drama, ed westwick, edward cullen, fanfiction, fender, franz ferdinand, fred/wesley, friday night lights, futurama, gaspard ulliel, gays, gibson, gilmore girls, gossip girl, graphic, grey's anatomy, grey´s anatomy, guitar, hemingway, heroes, hidden palms, house, house md, jack keruac, jack/gwen, jack/ianto, jack/jack, john barrowman, john/elizabeth, kristen bell, languages, life on mars, lost, marshall, master/martha, merlin, milo ventimiglia, moonlight, music, musician, nine/rose, oscar wilde, pete doherty, placebo, prison break, private practice, ps, punk77, pushing daisies, queer as folk, remarque, robin hood, robin/marian, rory/jess, scotland, sdoacg, sex and the city, skins, slovakia, sophia myles, sparky, stargate atlantis, supernatural, ten/rose, the adicts, the boys, the filthy youth, the flys, the libertines, the middleman, the passengers, the ramones, the simpsons, the skins, the time traveler's wife, torchwood, true blood, tv, tv drama, tv shows, twilight, uk, united kingdom, veronica mars, wallpapers, white lies